9 Tips on How to Protect Natural Hair Under a Wig

Is putting on a wig damaging to your natural hair? Well, many people think that because they wear wigs, then their natural hairs are safe from damaging factors like sunshine and heat styling tools.  

However, the healthiness of natural is more than the sun and heat. It needs nourishment for it to continue growing and to avoid breakages. From the discussion below, get to know how to protect your natural hair from damage when wearing wigs.

1) Get Regular Scalp Massage

It is healthy to do a scalp massage always, whenever you take off your wig. Regular massage helps to enhance proper blood circulation, which in turn, boosts the rate of hair growth. It also helps to strengthen the roots of your hair, making them nourish well from your scalp.

As you know, the scalp usually produces its natural oils. Therefore, massaging it helps to distribute these oils; hence, increasing the vibrancy and color of your natural hair. Scalp massage also helps to improve your hair resilience towards breakage and damage due to heat from the sun, hot styling, or brushing them when they are wet. 

2) Wear Correct Wig caps

As a wig wearer, you understand the significance of wearing wig caps. They help to keep your hair flat under the wig to make it secure and comfortable throughout the day. Besides, they are good at absorbing sweat, and they act as protective barriers between your sensitive scalp and the wig.

However, if you do not choose the correct wig cap, you may end up destroying your natural hair. Tight wig caps tend to apply much stress to your hairline; hence, leading to hair loss. Of importance to note, choose a cap with a material, which is not sensitive to your scalp.

The cap should also be breathable to avoid sweat buildup to your scalp; thus, allowing proper ventilation to your natural hair. Wigs with nylon netting are the best option in this context. Cotton wig caps can destroy your hairline, and eventually, hindering hair growth.


3) Get Rid of Damp Hair

It is unhealthy to wear wigs when your hair is not completely dry. Wet environments are the right breeding places for fungi and bacteria. Dampness can also lead to the development of mold on your natural hair, which is not cool at all.

Damp hair will also develop an awful smell with time due to a lack of proper aeration. It will also cause discomfort to your scalp; hence, making it itchy. In general, it is not comfortable to wear wigs on wet hair. Ensure that you dry it thoroughly to avoid these problems. 

4) Do Regular Shampooing

We often use different hair products to maintain our hair. With time, these products will accumulate on the scalp, and they make your hair develop an unpleasant smell, especially when they mix with sweat. They will also lead to the development of dandruff or prepare your hair to grow tangles quickly, hence leading to hair breakage.

For that reason, it is good to keep your scalp clean for the benefit of your hair follicles. Do regular washes using correct wig shampoo and wig conditioner, at an interval of at least once in two weeks. However, the frequency at which you wash them depends on how frequent you wear wigs and how sweaty your scalp gets throughout the day.

5) Do Regular Trimming

Cutting off split ends does not make your hair grow faster; it helps to improve the healthiness of your hair, hence promoting its growth. Therefore, how often should you get these haircuts? You should trim your hair at least once in 6-8 weeks. Some of the advantages, which come with regular haircuts include:

  • It helps your hair to stay fresh at all times
  • It helps to minimize damages associated with split ends
  • It prevents your hair from frizzing
  • It avoids natural tangling of your hair
  • It makes the hair easy for styling
  • It enables you to achieve a thicker and voluminous look 

6) Sleeping in Wigs

Despite the reason that you choose to wear wigs, train yourself to sleep without them to give space for your natural hair and scalp to breathe. Besides, some hairpieces, which are tight, can damage your hair due to stress from random movements when sleeping; hence, leading to hair loss.

After taking off your wig, and you feel that your hair is too dry, apply some oils or water-based moisturizers to restore moisture to your natural hair.


7) Prepare Your Natural Hair before Wearing a Wig

It is an excellent practice to make your natural hair ready for your wig. Make sure that it is clean, and then braid it. You can do some simple cornrows, or wrap your hair around your head neatly. Do not make the strands too tight for the scalp to hurt.

Besides, get to learn different braiding patterns. When you switch to a different wig, do not repeat the doing the same cornrows or braids on your natural hair to minimize damages to your hairline, because of pulling your hair towards the same direction more often.

8) Take Breaks from Wearing Wigs

Do not put on wigs for too long without taking them off. Take a break from these hairpieces to allow your hair to get some dose of air and sunshine, for it to gain some nutrients necessary for keeping it healthy.

9) Wig Care Products

Natural hair is an organic material, which needs regular nourishments for it to stay vibrant. The importance of hair products is that they go directly to the scalp, and then to the hair shaft, to strengthen the hair and promote its growth. For that reason, be friendly to natural hair products for the healthiness of your natural hair. 

Many benefits come with wearing wigs, i.e., it is easy to change your sense of fashion and helpful to cover some hair abnormalities like hair loss, hair thinning, or baldness. However, they can also cause damage to your natural hair if you do not take extra precautions. In your quest for looking beautiful in wigs, do not neglect your natural hair.



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