9 Benefits, 9 Care Tips And 3 Stylings Tell You Why Choose Wavy Wigs

Wavy wigs ae a form of curly hairs, but with more loose curls. Even though they have their challenges, they are still fashionable because they bear more advantages than disadvantages. Let us find out some of its benefits, different styles you can apply to it, and finally, yet importantly, how to maintain them.

Benefits of Wavy Wigs
Why should you choose wavy human hair over other hair textures? Well, the following reasons will make you understand why these wigs are worthy of your attention.

  • They look voluminous and bouncy
  • They do not demand great attention like curly hair
  • It is easy to switch to different styles
  • It is easy to style them because they are good at absorbing hair products
  • You can find them at any length, and all of them look fabulous
  • Weather does not affect these wigs
  • They offer protection to your natural hair against exposure to direct sunlight, dust, and heat from hot styling tools
  • They develop fewer knots and tangles
  • They are noticeable

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Ways of Styling Wavy Wigs
Apart from the three hairstyles listed below, you can style your wavy hair in other different ways. Some styles which look friendly with these wigs include wavy lob, wavy pixie, middle-parted layered waves, and wavy side ponytail with fringes. Besides, we also have relaxed waves with braided tops, multi-braided high, wavy ponytail, and a double-parted braided hairdo, among others.

a) Half up Messy Bun
To get a messy bun, begin by flipping your head upside down, section out the first half of your hair away from the face, and then tie it into a loose ponytail. Go ahead and twist the hair strands, spinning them around the base of the ponytail. Secure the bun using some bobby pins or an elastic band.
b) Side-Swept Ponytail
Gather a few hairs to the sides of your head, then bring them from the opposite sides of your head, and then swivel them over the rest of your hair. Secure the ponytail using a hair tie. This style helps to remove hairs away from the facial region, hence, emphasizing your cheekbones.
c) Long and Free
You can purchase long wigs and leave the waves to flow naturally. You will only have to comb and moisturize or oil it for it to look outstanding. Long hairs do not demand regular styling because they have a substantial weight, which holds the waves in their positions.
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How to Care for Wavy Wigs
Keeping your hair in good condition is as simple as knowing the basic facts like washing, moisturizing, combing and storing it, among other reasons. Check them out in the discussion below.

1. Wash and condition wavy hair regularly: It is easy to style wavy wigs when they are wet. You have to hydrate it for it to receive the nutrients necessary for keeping your hair healthy. That means you have to wash and condition it frequently. Use the recommended hair products once in 2 or 3 weeks, i.e. shampoos and conditioners.

2. Moisturize your wavy hair: Wet and wavy wigs are increasing in popularity because they relax and curl naturally even without treating them chemically. If you want to maintain their wet texture, begin by activating the waves by saturating them with water, and then part them into several sections. Apply some moisturizer to each piece of hair while brushing them gently without separating them. Allow the hair to dry naturally for the waves to look extremely beautiful.

3. Regulate heat that you expose to your hair. Most wigs are not friendly to high temperatures, and even if they are, then not too much heat. For that reason, avoid using heat styling tools more often, for example, curling irons. They will eventually damage your hair strands. It is advisable to use spongy rollers to create loose and bouncy wavy patterns.

4. Always detangle your hair daily: It is effortless to get rid of small tangles rather than bigger ones. To avoid big knots from developing, disentangle your wig everyday. Use correct combs to detangle your wig, for instance, use wide-tooth combs with an addition of some hair conditioner to smoothen the hair.
5. Nourish your wig: because wigs are not permanent, they do not get hair nutrients, which come from the scalp. Due to that fact, you will have to look for conditioners that contain some minerals, which help keep your curls healthy.

6. Protect your wig while sleeping: Hair strands tangles comfortably when you sleep because of the regular turning of your head. To avoid such problems, make sure that you protect your wig by either covering it or braiding it. Otherwise, you can rest your head on a silk pillowcase, which does not cause friction between its material and the hair fibres.

7. Dry your hair naturally: Some people like using diffusers, hairdryers, or rollers to fasten the drying process. Nevertheless, allowing your wig to dry naturally is better than exposing it to heat. However, you can still use these hot styling tools, but make sure that you set them on low temperatures.

8. Use correct combs on wavy hair: You cannot use regular combs to brush your hair strands. There are specific combs, which are good at detangling wavy hair without destroying them. A wide-toothed comb is suitable for detangling because it is gentle, and prevents curls from springing back.

While blow-drying your hair, use a round brush with ventilated airflow, which will help in adding volume to your hair. This comb is light in weight, but have large vents, which permits more excellent airflow, hence reducing the time for blow-drying.

9. Store them properly: Make sure that you clean your wavy hair first before storing it. Dampness may attract mould, which will destroy your hair. Besides, keep these hairpieces at secured places, where children or rodents cannot reach them. Stand them on a mannequin head for them to retain their shape.
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Wavy human hair wigs are one of the perfect hair textures that suits everyone. You only need to know how to keep them shinier, healthier, and less prone to developing split ends. With proper care, these wigs can last as long as you want while retaining their original look and volume.

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