5 Ways to Solve Wig Sliding Problem

I am a 24-year-old girl. I got to know wigs when i was in college. Some people maybe think i wear wigs because i have hair issues or something.But i have to say,i wear wigs because i enjoy my different looks.

When i was a beginner,i was always worried about that my wigs would slide from my head in public. What a big nightmare it gonna be if it real happens.So today i want to share my 5 ways to solve the sliding problems and i hope these ways gonna help you.
But first of all,choose a right size wig for yourself.

A big wig will be easier to slide compared to a right size wig,and a small wig is tight for your head and it will cause headache.So remember, finding a right size wig is very important.Then we can talk about how to avoid sliding.


Don’t wear nothing and wear wigs directly.A wig cap will help you to hold your hair in place especially when your hair is long and if your hair is falling out,it will help you to collect them.However, don’t think you needn’t them if you are bald ,you still need a wig cap. It is helpful for keeping your wig clean.


Only one metal wig clip is not enough girl. Maybe you are curious about what’s metal wig clips? You can find them easily on the Internet.But they have so many different shapes.What shape should i choose? Is it important to find a right shape for my wigs?
Hey,girl,i want to tell you,these clips are used in your hair.So if you don’t have any hair,you can pass this tip right now.

The shape is not important,the shape of metal wig clips looks different because is was designed to sew into the wig,then clip into your hair.Some stores can help you to sew them into the wig if you want,its not a big problem.


A tape?A glue?Yeah,that’s right.You heard me girl.They are used to secure your wig,so you should better put them on areas that you don’t have hair.The tape can be placed anywhere in the wig that don’t have natural hair.The glue can be put on your body,your skin directly.It’s fine, don’t worry.You can wash them with water.


It looks like WIGNICE HAIR BANDS and yes,no matter you have hair or not,you can wear them just like the WIGNICE BANDS.It was not only hold your hair right way,but also make your head more comfortable.If you have headache when you wear your wig,WIGNICE HAIR  will be your best choice.What’s more,it can help your hair cooler by dissipating body heat.Perfect whether you have hair of your own or not.


Well,even we are not wig wears,we still need them from time to time.They are haircut little helpers especially when you haircut is completed.And,still,they are used on your natural hair,if you don’t have,you can ignore this little tip.I think they are really useful for avoid sliding and i love them.

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So these are all my little tips when i avoid my wig sliding,and i think they help me a lot.Hope this article will help you.

More detalied tutorials are displayed in YouTube video.

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