Human hair wigs are the top choice among stylists for the number of picks and varieties they offer. Remy hair wigs can last a long time if properly cared for.

One very important thing, of all, is to apply the human hair wig properly.

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If not applied properly, the Remy hair might break and fall out more and cause un-repairable damage to your wig. If not cared properly, Remy human hair wigs can suffer a lot of glitches. These problems need to be eradicated in time to make your Remy wigs last longer.


Some of the problems that might affect the lifetime of your human hair wigs could be:

· Shedding

Shedding is one of the major problems that occur in human hair wigs. This could be due to different reasons. Human hair wigs present in the market might be virgin or Remy processed. Virgin hair is not processed and handmade whereas Remy hair is usually produced in industries and machine weft. Virgin hair sheds off more than Remy hair as they are handmade and the wefts are not tied that firmly but double tied virgin hair shed less. There could be a number of reasons for the hair to shed or be damaged in different ways.

· Tangling

It is not very unusual to see Remy human hair tangled. It happens when you tie your wet hair or sleep with damp hair. Tangling can cause your hair to break more. The raised cuticles twist more into each other and result in tangles which causes hair breakage.

· Dyeing Damage

Although hair wigs allow you to dye your hair, excessive dying can cause harm to your hair. Dyeing your hair with a darker shade does not cause a huge amount of damage but bleaching damages the hair deeply. Also, the hair can break off and become thin if dye containing ammonia is used frequently.

· Improper Care

Remy hair wigs need proper care to keep them in good shape. The use of wrong products or too much hairstyling heat tools can cause harm to the human hair wigs.


Knowing the cause of damage is important but what’s more important is to find solutions to avoid any kind of further damage. Let’s have a look at the easy solutions for manageable human hair wigs:

· How to Avoid Shedding

Hair shedding can be caused by improper hair care in terms of washing and drying other than the type of hair wig only. Remy human hair wigs should be washed without apply much stress. The better way of drying Remy hair wigs is by slightly dabbing with a towel or let it air dry. It is advised to avoid the use of hairdryers as heat weakens hair and causes it to break. Add moisture to your hair with conditioners and oils.

· How to Detangle Your Remy Hair

Detangled hair breakdown a lot if not managed properly. It needs to be handled in a proper way to avoid breakage as much as possible.

  • Always use a broad- toothed comb to comb your hair.

  • Start brushing or combing your hair from the ends. Combing your hair from the roots would require more effort and stress which would result in more hair break. Brushing the hair from the ends makes it easier to detangle the knots without breaking the hair much.

  • It is advised not to comb wet hair (unless you have curly hair) as wet hair is more prone to tangle and break off.

  • Brushing your hair less and avoiding combing your hair unnecessarily can also be a good way to prevent hair loss.

  • Dry and frizzy hair might be the reason for more tangle. To keep your hair moisturized, use a good amount of suitable conditioner.

I’ll share you a tip of mine that helps prevent tangles and thus my hair is saved from hair damage. What I do is I braid or Make a ponytail out of my hair as soon as I comb them. This prevents the hair tangling into each other and my hair breaks less this way.

· How to Revert Damage Caused by Hair Dye

As we talked about it, dying the hair is a choice for Remy wigs but it comes with some consequences like thinning of hair due to the presence of ammonia in the dye. Another major damage is the use of bleach which is used to discolor your hair before dying into a lighter tone. The bleach reached the depths of your hair strands causing inner damage.

To avoid the damage, it is advised to dye the human hair wigs less frequently or not at all because dyeing would damage your hair eventually in one way or the other.

Before bleaching, you should take extra care of your hair, keep it moisturized more so that it takes less damage by the hair dye.

Also, avoid contact with the UV rays a lot. This means to restrict your time in the sunlight as bleached hair is more susceptible to hair damage.

· How to Take Care of Remy Hair

Just a little bit of care for your Remy hair can give you the best experience without a lot of effort.

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If you think that the hair has become dry and frizzy, experts say washing with cold water is a preferable option.

Use the right kind of products but not too much. The buildup of care products and pollution in the hair can also be a cause of weakened hair.

To prevent hair from frizz and breakage, wrap a silk scarf around your hair lightly while sleeping. It prevents friction and reduces tangles.

Final Words

If taken proper care with the right techniques and products, Remy hair can be the best human hair wig for you. They are prone to damage and breakage just like your natural hair; therefore, a bit of extra care is needed to keep them voluminous. Follow these tips and forget about weak, brittle hair and enjoy your Remy hair.

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