4 Facts Tell You Who Offers the Best Lace Front Wigs

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If you are well into wigs, you must have heard about lace front wigs. These are very popular nowadays. Lace front wigs provide a smooth line of hair which covers the scalp and it is almost undetectable from the naked eye.

Lace front consists of a fine material into which hairs are sewed individually for a perfect look. Unlike the lace fabric that is normally used for curtains and clothes, this is an exclusive material that is attached to the front of a wig.

So, now that you know what a lace front wig is, you should also know who should buy it, and what important things one should consider while buying. Moreover, we will also let you know who offers the best lace front wigs. So, be with us to discover all these amazing things about lace front wigs.

Fact 1#

3 Common Types of lace front wigs

Now that you have got familiar with lace front wigs, let’s discuss the different types of lace front wigs. This will make it easier for you to choose the wig that will meet your needs in the best way.

1. Human hair lace front wigs

Human hair lace front wigs are quite popular of all wigs around. Its look and feel and the confidence you wear along are matchless. Just like the natural hair, you can set them in different styles. You can also straighten, curl and dye them as you like. Moreover, it is amazingly unnoticeable. However, on the downside, human hair wigs are costly than the other available options.

2. Synthetic hair lace front wigs

As the name suggests, synthetic hair lace front wigs are made of artificial fiber. Like human hair wigs, synthetic wigs also come in various qualities. Normally, the cheaper synthetic wigs are low quality and they don’t look great. However, expensive and high-quality synthetic wigs can be as good as the natural hair wigs. Also, these wigs are relatively easy to maintain but come in a specific style. So, you can’t style them on your own.

3. Glueless lace front wigs

In lace front wigs, the hair is sewed into the mesh-like fabric as we discussed earlier. Now, for a longer hold, people apply glue, tape or other adhesive material. So, if you don’t want to apply glue or you want more flexibility in adjusting your wig, you can buy a glueless lace front wig. It is easy to wear and seems quite realistic as well. It comes with wig combs and adjustable straps attached to it. Glueless lace front wigs are generally preferred for their easiness and flexibility.

Fact 2#

Who should buy lace front wigs?

Now, some people think that wigs are only for those who have less or no hair on their heads. These people are those who have little or absolutely no knowledge of fashion. Beautiful hair adds a special charisma to one’s personality. Therefore, lace front wigs or wigs in general are for all those who want to look charming and beautiful. However, lace front wigs are especially good for those who have lost hair on the front and their scalp has broadened.

Fact 3#

Important Things to Consider while buying a lace front

In case you have decided to buy a wig, there are certain important things that you should consider. Let’s discuss these things one by one.


  • Style: In a wig store, you’ll see plenty of styles and some of them would be pretty seductive, but you should choose the one that will complement the shape of your face. Also, make sure that the piece you’re choosing will get adjusted easily with your current hairstyle.
  • Color: Well, it’s totally up to you how do you want to look, but you should have the clear idea of what you’re wearing. For a proper look, you should choose the color that matches your skin tone. You may also select the color the same as your original hair. However, if you want a party look, you can go with the other colors as it pleases you.
  • Density: Another thing that is important to consider is the density of the wig. If you want a subtle, undetectable wig hair, you should go with the light density wig. Otherwise, you can buy medium or high-density wigs depending upon how confident you feel wearing a wig and what are you aiming for.
  • Synthetic Vs Human hair wigs: We have covered this topic in the above section, but this is so important that I wanted to bring it here again. Human hair wigs provide a premium feel and look as if you are wearing natural hair. High-quality synthetic wigs are also good, but human hair wigs are the hot favorites. So, you should consider before buying whether it is a human hair wig or a synthetic one.
  • Glueless of Glueful: As mentioned earlier, glueless wigs are very easy to put on. These also offer the flexibility to adjust according to your scalp. So, if you don’t like applying glue or other adhesive material on your skin, you are good to go with a glueless wig.
  • Virgin hair: Virgin hair obviously doesn’t mean hair from the virgins. Rather this hair is virgin in the sense that they have never been gone through bleaching, blow-drying, coloring, steam treatment or any other chemical processing.
  • Pre-plucked hairline: It basically means that the baby hair from your hairline has already been plucked. This gives you a mature hairline. The pre-plucked hairline feature has almost become indispensable in the wigs. So, make sure your wig includes this feature.
  • Longevity: If your wig contains all the above features but its expected life is short, then it is not a good deal at all. So, longevity should be one of the first things you should consider while buying a wig.

Fact 4#

Who offers the best lace front wigs?

There are numerous brands in the market that sell all kinds of wigs. Some of them are doing fine while others will make you feel like wasting money. One of the reliable brands in the wig industry is WigNice. If you feel like buying wigs, I’d recommend you visit their store. They are quite good.

To sum, we have discussed in detail about lace front wigs and their uses. Now, you also know the important things to consider while buying a wig and where to find the best quality products. So, good luck with the wigs. Tell me in the comment section what is your opinion about lace front wigs.

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