3 Ways to find the best wigs for your look

Have you ever complimented someone on their hairstyle, only to find out it was a wig? Then you wanted to get a closer look because it looked so real.
You begin to think of all the benefits of wearing wigs, like:

  • More money saved for clothes.

  • Instant style choice …

  • Less time with Curling Iron.

  • Fresh look Every time!

wigs, lace front wigs

We can go on and on …
Can you imagine yourself getting hair compliments and confidence?
You will learn that wigs are the best way to enhance your beauty routine. They will surely become a great asset to your style collection.
When taking that step to find a wig that compliments your taste in hairstyles it may take some time.
This is where we come in! We understand that having the best advice in finding your ideal wig is of utmost importance.
Here are several ways to discover a wig that fits your personal style.

1.Size Matters
There is a wide array of wig sizes to help you determine the size you need.
Do you know your head size? Crazy question? No, if you are wanting the best fit for your wig, you must measure your head’s circumference.
To do this use a fabric tape measure. Start from the front of your hairline, then along the back of your neck and behind your ears. Finding your right head size will prove to be invaluable when shopping for a wig in-store or online. Be sure to keep your measurements written down.

ULTRA-PETITE: (18.” – 19.5″ Circumference)
PETITE: (20.” – 21.5″ Circumference)
AVERAGE: (21.5″ – 22.5″ Circumference)
LARGE: (22.5″ – 24″ Circumference)

2.Enhances Your Face
Wigs appeal to the masses since they enhance the perception of face and accentuate natural features.
ROUND FACES - Usually do best with short pixie wigs or a layered short bob which highlights your collar bone.
HEART-SHAPED FACES - Visualize a short pixie cut that has some texture (i.e.: Halle Berry or Nia Long look), a shoulder-length wig with a swoop bang.
SHORT OVAL SHAPE FACES - Shorter hair: rock a shaggy bob or a long bob. Excellent Choice!
LONG OVAL SHAPE FACES - Long hair: pick a wig that can sustain Layered Curls or Body Waves!
wigs, lace front wigs

SQUARE FACES - Select wig that will soften your jawline, for example, a longer, angled bob, a shoulder-length style with subtle layers.
These choices help boost your likability factor depending on your described face’s disposition and look.

3.Wig styles
Two prevalent types of wig: synthetic and human hair.wigs are cheaper than human hair.
Synthetic vs. Human Hair Wigs
There are two main types of wigs: synthetic and human hair.

  • Synthetic wigs - Engineering from Artificial Materials. A variety of styles and colors captivates interest from people worldwide.
  • Human hair wigs - Made from Real Human Hair making them the most realistic type of wig. They are pricier generally compared to a synthetic wig. It is time consuming and laborious to gather enough hair required to make these wigs, and this dictates the reason why it is more expensive.

Considering of the higher priced human hair wig, the affordability factor of a synthetic wig is most of the time the determining factor when faced with the choice to go with one of the two main styles.
There is more to this choice than the type of hair.

Lace front vs. Full lace
It is difficult for most consumer and industry experts to discuss wigs without mentioning Lace Wigs casually or professionally in conversation.
Imagine being at a crossroad prompting you to either opt for a full lace wig or a lace front wig:

FULL LACE WIGS – Crafted with a base made designed 100% from lace. They are entirely more expensive than a lace front wig. Helps quickly “Establish Presence” of the person wearing it in public.

LACE FRONT WIG – Infamously known as a wig constructed from a specific type of hairpiece or wig (human or synthetic hair) hand tied to a sheer-lace base that is meticulously placed over the scalp.
Identifying the ideal wig is not as challenging as it may seem. The process takes time if you want to get it done right and avoid being ridiculed …
When you find the best wig for you, you will exude confidence and utter style!
The tips and industry leaks discussed here will make your experience exciting and manageable.
We shed light in the wig industry and care about your experience dealing with wigs as a consumer, amateur or a pro.

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