12 Top Tips for Black Women to Wear Blonde Wigs

Blonde wigs on black women could sound bold to another level. Women of color can also try a variety of looks with blonde wigs with marvelous glamour. If you think blonde wigs limit them, I am here to help you think in a different dimension. You only have to come with me and get a surprise. Come to think of what to do when you decide to go blonde. Is it similar to other types of wigs?


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The following are some tips for black women to rock a whole new golden look:


1. Find your right blonde color

Your skin tone plays a significant role when it comes to fulfilling your hair needs. Matching hair to the skin tone is a complementary thing. Blonde wigs come in a variety of shades but the question is – which one of them will complement your look? Is it a honey blonde, platinum blonde, highlighted blonde, dirty blonde, ash blonde, or strawberry blonde shade. That is only a dictation from your skin. Listen to it! Maybe dying your hair will not do, but these up here are convenient. Alternatively, you can take it to a wig specialist for bleaching or dying.


2. Remember to bleach knots

Bleach to the fullest. Don’t leave any stone unturned. There is no room for shoddy business when you want to look good. Ensure to bleach all the knots for uniformity in the color of your wig. It helps the strands appear more natural, especially when you wear the full lace wigs, looks like the hair growing straight from your scalp instead of looking like a parchment of synthetic hair. The right blend with the scalp will surely amaze you.


3. Wear a cap

Keep clean! Oil, sweat, and dirt sometimes build up under a wig. Now, if you wear your blonde wig directly onto your hair, these contaminants seep into the wig, damaging it, giving it a bumpy appearance and causing it to slip. Wearing a quality wig cap secures your natural hair and spreads it evenly so the blonde wig can rest snugly on your head. The cap also secures the wig in place and shields sweat and hair oils from seeping through to your hair.


4. Choose a human hair wig rather than a synthetic wig

It is with no doubt human hair wigs are the best. Though they are more expensive compared to synthetic wigs, they are worth every bit of your coin. Human blonde wigs originate from young virgin human blonde hair, while synthetic blonde wigs come from a blend of human-made fibers and human hair. That alone is enough to tell you something; natural gleam is a guarantee for the human hair wigs and no shiny plastic as the synthetic wigs. The freedom of styling is also a bonus!

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5. Choose a dark rooted ombre wig

For those who do not want to bleach the knots, here is something for you- a dark rooted ombre wig. Mostly, the natural color of hair for black women is dark, so you will need a hairpiece of the same shade to look more natural. A variant color may not result in the appearance you want, but adding highlights and lowlights saves the day. Picking a blonde wig with brown blonde or honey blonde roots enriches your look.


6. Style baby hair to create a natural hairline

Styled baby hairs look lovely; it becomes more adorable in the company of a natural hairline. What more would you wish for the past that looks? You only have to go through a few steps with your scissors, tweezers, and some bits of styling gel. Trim your blonde wig unit’s baby hair edges to the same length to create a more natural hairline. Moisturize your hair and tuck neatly.


7. Apply light hair products

Some blonde wigs originate from bleaching colored hair with strong chemicals. Go for something light; it doesn’t be too harsh on your wig. Applying heavy maintenance products like gels, hair lotions, and creams make blonde wigs to matte and gain an offsetting oily appearance. Lightweight wig styling and maintenance products such as mousse, hairsprays, and serums are good enough to do you the magic.


8. Invest in a sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfates compounds cause lathering and bubbling in shampoos. Who would like to damage their hair intentionally? Nobody! That piece cost you money. Shampoos with sulfate strip blonde wigs of natural oils and hair proteins, making the wig brittle, weak, and pale. Now you know. Sulfate-free shampoo keeps blonde wig hair healthy, agile, and bright.


9. Too much exposure to the sun and direct heat is not good for your wig

The secret behind good looking hair is the moisture it carries. Overexposure to the sun causes the UV rays to sap the moisture in blonde wigs’ hair strands, leaving them dry and brassy. Applying a heat-protective serum on your blonde wig or wearing a hat when out in the sun will help. Excessive heat-styling of blonde wigs using blow-dryers, curling wands, and flat irons makes them dry dull and brittle. Using the lowest setting of heat is ideal. You can also take a break from over-styling your wig.


10. Change your makeup

It is time to change your make up to fulfill the need of your hair and face. You want your new blonde hairstyle to not only go with but also augment your overall appearance. Natural is a thing for black women; other options could sound weird and intense. Your blonde wig to stand out and not appear fake so does the tone on your face. It is the right time to mind what you apply on your face. Does it match your wig? Lightening up the eyebrows using eye pencil or bleaching them works.


11. Choose a lace wig

Lace wigs' idea depicts the growth of natural hair from the scalp. It is so obsessive how these wigs bring out perfect blonde looks. They go so well when creating baby hairs and making natural hairlines. It wouldn’t be a mistake getting a blonde wig of this type for your hairdo. Stunning is an understatement for this wig when you mount it.


12. Wear your blonde wig with confidence

Whether you choose to wear blonde wigs, full lace wigs, wet-look wigs, or lace front wigs, it’s essential to remain calm and confident. Critics are always looking for insecurities to exploit, but rocking your favorite wig style with aplomb will make you a head-turner and make your self-esteem soar.

Here are some of the most recommended blonde wig types for black women:

a) Ombre wavy lace wigs


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b) Straight blonde full lace wigs

 wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs


c) Short straight bob wigs

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d) Blonde curly bobs

 wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs


e) Blonde body wave wigs

 wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs


f) Blonde deep wave hair

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Closing remarks

Blonde hair wigs can be breathtaking on a black woman. It entirely depends on how you style it. With the right touch, a blond wig hairstyle can quickly transform you into a youthful head-turner in an instant. However, like lace front wigs and other types of wigs, blonde wigs require fine-touch maintenance and styling to stay neat, healthy and retain their natural shimmer. If you’re planning on trying a blonde hairstyle, these tips will go a long way easing your wig maintenance.


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