11 Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Virgin Hair Wig

It might be challenging to know the best type of wig that suits you best. It might also be demanding to differentiate virgin hair from synthetic hair, especially for beginners.

Nevertheless, every problem has a solution, and the good news is that this article has a detailed outline of virgin hair wigs, what they are, and their benefits, among other things.

Types of Virgin Hair Wigs

Virgin hair is hair that has never gone through any methods of chemical processing like bleaching and dyeing. It is a purely natural hair, and they get it from only one single donor.

The most natural virgin hair textures are:

  • Brazilian hair

  • Malaysian hair

  • Indian hair

  • Peruvian hair

As a brief overview, Brazilian hair originates from African and Spanish donors, Malaysian hair originates from the southeast regions of Asia, Indian hair originates from India, and Peruvian hair originates from Peru.

They are all lovely hairpieces but differ from each other with a few features like hair density, appearance, color, durability, and versatility.

Now that we have a piece of information about the best virgin hair wigs, it is also significant that we learn more about what to know before choosing them. Let us get to know those tips in the discussion below.

Hair quality

Virgin hair wigs are the best type of hairpieces in the market because of their class. They are 100% natural and unprocessed (has never gone through any chemical treatment).

They are also silky and tangle-free. Most of these wigs come in thick hair bundles, so you do not have to buy many packages to give your body a full look.

Type of wigs

Wigs are either human hair or synthetic hair. Therefore, you need to know how to differentiate between the two or else; you may end up buying fake human hair or synthetic hair with a virgin hair label.


It is essential to know how long your virgin hair wig can last. The longevity of the hairpiece depends on the number of wears and the level of attention you need to give it.

Most virgin hair wigs go up to two years with proper care and maintenance.


They usually pack virgin hair wigs in different sizes. With that in mind, you need to know the size of the hairpiece that will accurately fit in your head.

Do not worry if you do not know the right measurements for your wigs because there are some hairpieces, which have elastic straps, hence making it easier for people to find the right size.


You can dye some virgin hair wigs, but not all of them provide that feature. Besides, you need to know that it is possible to restyle this kind of hair to suit your occasion, maybe a wedding, or a date.

Hair color

You need to know if the virgin hair wig you are going to buy will match with your natural hair and skin tone.

Brazilian hairpieces go well for nearly all types of hair. However, Malaysians can only blend well for typical African-American hair textures and other strands of similar nature.


It is significant to know the cost of a virgin hair wig before making your way to your pocket. If you get to see the price, you will be able to budget and know if it is the perfect time to purchase the hairpiece.

I am sure you are also aware that virgin hair wigs are so expensive. That is why; you need to buy them if and only if you can afford them.


Some wigs are short, while others are long. They are both beautiful, but you need to wear them in different seasons. As an illustration, in hot environments or during summer, short wigs will be the best choice.

Long wigs are fun to wear, especially for beginners. However, they detangle easily, so you need to brush them consistently.

Hair maintenance

The type of attention you give to your virgin hair will determine how long it will last. For that reason, choose a wig that you can manage to take care of it. If you do not have time for maintaining your hairpieces, then opt for those that can last long with little supervision.

Wig cap

You need to have a keen interest in the materials used to make wig caps because they determine how comfortable you will be and how you will protect your hair.

Some wig caps are not useful in hot environments because they make your head feel sweaty, and sweat may destroy your hairpiece. To add on that, do not choose caps that are too tight for your head because you may come to a halt of damaging your natural hair.


You need to choose a wig that suits your lifestyle. As an example, if you are a fashion designer, you need to choose a hairpiece that is versatile and easy to change the style.

Also, if you live in summer regions, you need to choose short wigs. If you care about your public figure, you need to select one which is within your reasonable budget.

Why Should You Choose Virgin Hair Wigs?

Now that we have known some types of virgin hair wigs and what to consider before buying them, why is it essential that we prioritize these types of hairpieces?

  1. They have intact cuticles

  2. They blend well with any natural hair

  3. They protect your natural hair from outside elements

  4. They have not gone through any chemical processing, hence are pure natural

  5. They come from one donor. They will, therefore, have matching colors and textures

  6. They last long depending on the maintenance

  7. They have a natural color

Know Your Taste and Choose Wisely

Whether you are a starter or already a buyer of wigs, you need to know some essential features about virgin hairpieces.

To mention a few, you need to know some of the best and common types of virgin hair wigs, what to know before making a purchase, and their benefits.

In short, get to know your taste on wigs and select them wisely.









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