Everyone loves voluminous hair as they give a very beautiful look to your overall style. Voluminous hair is everyone’s best choice for a fuller look. Some human hair wigs are quite voluminous whereas some lack the volume. This is also because some people do not prefer the bulky and heavy wigs. Different hair types and textures give a different type of looks. Wearing wigs is inevitable in today’s fashion but the question is how to get a thick hair look without having to bear the bulky wigs.

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 There are a few ways that can help you get a voluminous hair look with your regular human hair wig.

1. Washing your hair

The process of attaining a flawless voluminous look begins in the shower. Washing the human hair wig is the foremost part of achieving a heavy hair look. Clean hair helps you to get a better hair look as washing them with a nice shampoo allows getting rid of the dirt and oil which otherwise accumulates in the scalp. The presence of extra oils tends to add weight to the human hair wigs and bend them down. This makes the wig look dull and thin. It is preferable to use a volumizing shampoo. Apply the shampoo from the roots to the ends properly and wash thoroughly.

You can also use a volumizing conditioner for the same purpose but do not apply it to the roots as they are already oily. Just skim it halfway through the hair strands till the ends. This will provide a silky and light look to your human hair wig.

2. Volumizing serums

Volumizing serums are great for those who like to put the extra effort to get a perfect style. Take a little amount of hair serum or mousse and massage to the roots of the wig. This mousse provides a bouncy look to the human hair wig and it is good to go for 24 hours. You can style your hair any way you like after that.

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3. Blow drying

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After washing your hair wig, the first thing you do is to dry it. Initially use a towel to dab lightly and smoothly removing all the excess water. Now, if you’re using a blow drier, drying the wig hair in the right direction also makes a difference. To have a fuller hair look, it’s better to blow-dry the hair wig upside down. This adds a boost to the wig and the hair looks bulky.

4. Drying the roots

Drying the strands only of human hair wig is not enough; you need to dry the roots properly as well. Drying the roots of the human hair wigs helps to add a voluminous look to the hair. It does magic in little time. Part your hair and dry the roots of each part for 10 seconds only. In less than a minute, all your hair will be done and you’ll have those flaunt worthy hair. The hair will be ready to style giving the best look when they’re cooled.

5. Dry shampoo

Another instant way of getting the ever-wanted hair volume is the use of dry shampoos. Dry shampoos are the best alternative on a busy quick day when you don’t have time for a shower. This is an easy and quick method. Just sprinkle a bit of dry shampoo (or baby powder for a quick hack) on the roots of your wig hair. This absorbs all the extra oil and also takes away the dullness which makes your human hair wig light in weight too.

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6. Crimping

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Once you’re done with the pre-styling, now you can decide which hairstyles to go. Crimping has been an old technique in the fashion industry but it is one of the best tricks to give your human hair wig some good volume. Start crimping your hair from the very front and then till the back. Crimping gives a very natural volume to your human hair wig.

7. Curling

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Just like crimping, curling is also an ideal way to give thickness and volume to your hair. Curl your hair using a hair straightener or hot rollers. Beach waves or loose curls are the best options for thin and dull hair. Loose curl techniques will add life to your thin wig hair.

8. Backcombing

Backcombing is not really sometimes a good option until you know how to do it right. I would suggest you to never start backcombing from the ends of the hair if you don’t want to tangle your human hair wig in the worst possible way. The best way is to use a paddle brush instead of a comb and just tease from 3 4 inches above the scalp. Do not do this aggressively but in a smooth motion. You’ll get a voluminous hairstyle with the least mess.

If you still find a problem in untangling the hair, here’s a secret! Apply conditioner on your hair before applying the shampoo and rinse it. Wash the hair wig with shampoo afterward. Welcome back your tangle-free hair.


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9. Hair bumpits

Hair bumpits are widely used nowadays as they are easy and convenient to do and undo. Unlike backcombing, they do not take effort. Just pick up the front layer of hair, place the bumpit underneath and cover it with the hair properly. This will give a bouncy look to your human hair wig in no time without even revealing the trick. Hair toppers are another more convenient option.

10. Hairstyling

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There are various hairstyles that can help you gain a voluminous hair look with your human hair wig. One of the widely used tricks is double ponytail. Make a ponytail with the front half of your hair and then make another one with the bottom half. Now merge both of them in a way that they look one. This is the easiest and most commonly used hairstyle for a thick ponytail look. You can also make loose hair braids or try a puff to give an illusion of thicker hair. These hairstyles are the best to try with your human hair wig for a voluminous look.

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Final Words

You can easily get a voluminous hair look with your human hair wig by these easy tips and tricks and slay any kind of hairstyle you like without worrying about the lack of volume. Try these and enjoy your experience of wearing a light-weighted wig but voluminous hair!