10 tips to Stay Cool When Wearing A Wig

Staying cool during summer is a tough thing to do on a good day. The fewer clothes you wear the better and the more time you spend in the pool, the easier the day goes past. Wearing a wig can add to the heat on your body as you sweat through your head to help keep you cool and with a wig on, sometimes that can be a hard thing to do. We are going to show you how to stay cool while still wearing your wig.

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These are 10 tips that you can use to help keep you cool in the summertime.

  1.  Choose a Synthetic wig
    Synthetic hair tends to hold a lot better than real human hair wigs. That means that when you sweat underneath the wig, your wig will not frizz or lose the shape if you have a synthetic wig on. Keep in mind that even though synthetic hair is best for hot seasons, they still do not look as realistic as human hair wigs so it is suggested that you keep your synthetic hair wigs for the hot seasons and real human hair for the cooler days.wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs
  2.  Choose a cool wig base
    Choose a wig base that is cooler in the sense that there are holes in it so that your scalp can breathe and sweat the way that it is meant to.
  3.  Use hairband 
    One of the best tricks that you can do to keep yourself cool underneath your wig is to buy a gel band. The band lifts your wig slightly off your head which allows your sweat to evaporate as well as cool air to flow through your wig and onto your scalp.
  4.  Wig liner cap
    These caps are very stretchy which will help absorb sweat as well as prevent any skin irritation from happening due to the sweat being trapped and clogging up your pores. They can be hand washed in your basin and will be dry in the morning for you to wear a clean cap throughout the day.
  5.  Keep away from a hairdryer or straightening iron
    Whether you are wearing a wig or not, hot dryers and irons tend to make me feel very hot, to begin with. Now you want to add a wig on top of that heat? No thank you. So rather style your wig on your wig stand and then place it on your head once the hair has cooled down. It is important to keep in mind that if you are wearing a synthetic wig, you should stay away from heat all together as the hot styling tools will melt the synthetic fibers and your wig will be ruined.
  6.  Wear light color wigs
    This tip might seem like a rather basic idea but at the end of the day, it makes a big difference. The darker the wig, the more heat will get retained and the hotter you will feel. Keep your darker wigs for winter or for your sexy evening looks. Trust me, your body will thank you for it!wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs
  7.  Shorter styles (like pixies, bobs ) are cool.
    Shorter styles are becoming more in fashion every single day and during the summer, you will be grateful for this new fashion statement. The shorter wigs do not sit on your neck and shoulder area which gives you more room to breathe. The shorter hair also helps to shape your face better and show off your gorgeous facial features as well.
  8.  Curly or wavy hair lets sweat evaporate.
    This is a fun little fact… curly or wavy hair evaporates sweat a lot quicker and better than straight hair. Straight hair tends to lock in sweat and cause a skin reaction and a lot more unwanted heat in the first place. Straight hair tends to pick up heat more whereas, with curls, the heat tends to bounce off.wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs
  9.  Capless wigs make you feel cool.
    I always say that wearing a wig should be fun and enjoyable and if you are not enjoying it, then you need to change something so that you can enjoy it. When it is very hot outside, I dread the idea of putting on a wig cap and then placing a wig on top of that cap.  Feel claustrophobic, hot and bothered! So here is an idea, just wear a capless wig from the start. They are comfortable, if you get the right size, they fit well on your head and with an extra clip here and there, the wig will not move throughout the day!
  10. Don’t use heavy hair styling products.
    Finally, the heavier the hair products are the less breathing space your head will have. You need to make good decisions when it comes to buying your hair products during the summer. Use hair sprays instead of gels and hair gum. These products are heavy and create a barrier on your head whereby your head cannot sweat as much as it needs to. Sweat is going to help keep your skin and body cool throughout the day.

Keeping cool during the summer is a tough thing to do, to begin with, you have to wear lighter clothes but still remember your sun tan lotion so that you don’t get burnt. You have to remember to drink enough water so you do not get dehydrated or get a headache and before this article, you had to worry about your wig. Well, now you no longer have to worry about your wig causing you discomfort in the summer!

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